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A place where we can indulge our obsession with all things celebrity.

Celebrity Obsession - June 2007

Spice Girls at the announcement of their world tour
Spice Girls Now

Is to see the Spice Girls!!!!!!!!! If like me, you've lived in hope that one day Sporty (Mel C), Baby (Emma Bunton), Scary (Mel B), Posh (Victoria Beckham), and Ginger (Geri Haliwell) Spices would get back together and do one last tour, then you're in luck my friend.

That's right, yesterday the Spice Girls announced that they would be reforming to do a World Tour. So far the tour includes 8 cities: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, London, Cologne, Madrid, Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney, Capetown and Buenos Aires.

There have been rumours for years that the Spice Girls, who broke up in 2001, would get back together, however say the girls "the time is right".

In order to get tickets for the shows, you have to register at The Spice Girls world tour site where random names will be chosen to buy tickets. Note, you can only register for tickets once (I hope the fact that I registered 4 times doesn't mean that I'm disqualified!!! You had to go digging to find out that bit of info!).

The tour will need to include a large creche, as by the time they start touring they'll have 7 infant spices between then (Mel B has 2, Vic Beckham has 3, Geri has 1 and Emma Bunton is heavily pregnant as we speak)..
Spice Girls
Spice Girls back then

Mock the Spice Girls all you want, but remember these women were the FIRST EVER females to grace the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Before then, it was assumed that a female on the cover wouldn't sell as many copies. And Wannabe may not have been a brilliantly written song, but hey it gave us the line "I really really really wanna zigazig ah" (lyrical genius eh?). That song went to No 1 in 31 different countries and was the biggest selling debut single of all time. Their debut album was the fastest selling British album since the Beatles in Britain. In total they've sold 55 million albums

Not that I need to justify my love of the Spice Girls to you!l!!!!


Boys Behaving Badly

June 28th 2007 00:34
You know, posting about the bad behaviour of female celeb's can be a bit boring. But unfortunately you just don't seem to come across as many male celeb's who are either as mental as Britney, as unstable as Lindsay, or as stupid as Paris and Nicole. But today, I'm making an effort to find Men Behaving Badly.

John Stamos
Pissed in Australia

John Stamos Is a Drunk

Thankfully my job of finding guys behaving badly was made a bit easier due to John Stamos' amazingly successful publicity tour of Australia this week to promote the tv show ER.

John arrived in Australia last Thursday. He then proceeded to slur his way through press interviews on Monday, looking shabby and unsteady on his feet. Stamos blamed his bizarre behaviour on jetlag. The Daily Telegraph dismissed this excuse stating that the star had been in the country for 4 days already.

To listen to a clip of the interview, click here

John then appeared on Mornings with Kerri-Anne Kennerley on Tuesday and showed off a whole lot more of his bizarre behaviour. He looked dishevelled and slurred his way through the entire appearance. He reacted angrily to claims that he had been drunk during press interviews. Then he called for the Greek community to boycott The Daily Telegraph. He then rambled on without purpose, talking of his dream to retire and open a bar on the Gold Coast.

After the debacle on Kerri-Anne, Channel 9 cut short Stamos' media schedule and sent him on home. Kerri-Anne described Stamos' appearance on the show as "it was a bit like he'd perhaps come from a hotel mini-bar in true Hollywood style."

Stamos has admitted that his disastrous tour to Australia may well have killed his career. When Kerri-Anne asked him about Princess Diana and Elvis, Stamos made the comment "Who else has died? My career after coming to Australia."

You can watch John's rather bizarre antics in the clip below.

Justin Timberlake is a Tool

Justin Timberlake
Can anyone explain to me why Jessica Biel is sleeping with him???
Justin's Swedish fans must think that the Trousersnake is just a bit of a tool after abusing fans in Sweden. JT was dining at the Hard Rock Cafe with girlfriend Jessica Biel and his entourage (honestly, you're in Sweden, you couldn't try some local cuisine? The Hard Rock Cafe was really the best you could do???) when some fans approached to ask JT for his autograph and a picture.

JT thought he heard one of the fans call him a f*ckface and completely lost his mind saying "Are you calling me f*ckface? Go f*ck yourself!"

JT, I'm not sure if you're aware of this. But in Sweden, they don't speak American. They speak Swedish. So it's entirely possible that you might have misheard you tool!!!

Anyway, on with the story. Back at his hotel, JT decided that the way he could best make up for his earlier bad behaviour was to start throwing things at his fans outside the hotel! First it was pingpong balls, then plastic bottles of water, followed by fruit, before the grand finale where JT spat at his fans.

Okay, before I get on to criticising JT for throwing stuff at fans, which I'm sure he thinks is rockstar cool, I have to ask one question. Pingpong balls? Dude what were you doing with all those pingpong balls in your hotel? Exactly what do you and Jessica get up to in that hotel room????

Hey dude, if you really want the fans to leave you alone so badly. Go back to N'Sync.

Photos courtesy of Starpulse


Jessica Biel Poses In A Bikini

June 27th 2007 06:37
Jessica Biel in GQ bikini photo shoot
2005's Sexiest Woman of the Year
This one is for the Jessica Biel fans out there. In the latest issue of GQ, Ms Biel poses in a bikini. Click here to read the interview. Yes, she not only is hot, but she can speak. B*tch!!!!

Some of you may recall that in 2005, Jessica Biel was named by Esquire as The Sexiest Woman Alive. Certainly a better choice than Maxim's Sexiest Woman this year!!

Even if you're not interested in reading what Jessica has to say, here's some pics to look at. I was a bit confused when I first looked at the pics. Looking at Jessica in a bikini is like looking at myself in a mirror...............oh come one, a girl can dream!!!!!!

Jessica Biel in a bikini for GQ
It must suck to be this unattractive huh?
Jessica Biel in bikini for GQ
How does Justin Timberlake get such hot chicks?
Jessica Biel in a bikini for GQ
Yep, that's exactly what I look like in a bikini

WWE Wrestler and Murderer!

June 27th 2007 04:02
chris benoit
Chris Benoit
On Monday morning, the bodies of WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit, his wife and son were found in their family home, apparently murdered. That night on 'Monday Night Raw' the WWE held a tribute to the wrestler, known as The Canadian Crippler.

Since then, the bizarre story of the Benoit family's deaths have come to light (and the WWE want nothing more to do with Chris Benoit

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She's Out of Jail

June 27th 2007 03:42
Paris Hilton leaves Lynwood jail
Paris walks the Lynwood red carpet
Yep, Paris Hilton is out of the clink. Are we all relieved???

You gotta hand it to her. The chick hasn't ever done anything noteworthy (other than to be dumb enough to leave her sex tape in the hands of her smarmy boyfriend), but half the media from the free world was camped out at Lynwood to watch her walk out

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Paris - Going Home on Tuesday

June 25th 2007 04:08
Paris Hilton mugshot
They're ready to let her out of the slammer
The LA Sheriff's office has confirmed that Paris Hilton will be released from Lynwood Detention Centre on Tuesday after serving 23 days in prison.

Paris' mother, Kathy Hilton, who visited her daughter on the weekend has said that Paris is looking forward to going home. Saying that she's sick of wearing her orange prison jumpsuit. Other than wanting to go home and never wear the colour orange again, according to Kathy, Paris is doing very well

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Eddie is the Daddy!

June 25th 2007 03:21
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy
A DNA test has confirmed what most of us already knew. That Eddie Murphy is indeed the father of Melanie Brown's (aka Scary Spice) daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

When Angel was born in April, Melanie listed Eddie as the father, however Eddie had so far refused to acknowledge the child as his. Speaking on a Danish tv show, when asked about the baby, Murphy said "I don't know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test

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Christina Aguilera Is Pregnant

June 22nd 2007 01:50
Christina Aguilera onstage sporting a baby bump
Is it a baby bump......or did she eat dinner??
Rumous have been going around for a while now that dimunitive pop singer Christina Aguilera is prenant. Now it looks as though those rumous may indeed be true.

According to a well-place source at Page Six, Christina is definitely pregnant and has started telling friends the good news (indicating that she's at least 3 months along

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Paris Sends Letters From Prison

June 21st 2007 06:53

Avril Lavigne
Wow, even dressing like this can't make you interesting Avril!

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How Was Your Night in Paris, Jack?

June 21st 2007 00:31
Jack Osbourne at Brody Jenners party
Who doesn't like the nightlife in Paris?
Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have let it slip that their son, Jack Osbourne, used to 'shag' Paris Hilton.
During an interview with The Sun, Ozzy said that Paris used to spend a lot of time at their house, saying "I'm not sure if she was a friend of Kelly or Amy" before asking "which one was it Sharon?"

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Nicole Richie's DUI Trial Delayed

June 20th 2007 06:25
Nicole Richie
Big Bertha can't wait to share a cell with you Nicole
Nicole Richie who was due to go to trial for charges of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol on June 25, has won a 2 week postponement of her trial.

Her new trial date has been set for July 11. Nicole was charged back in December last year after driving down the highway the wrong way! At the time, she admitted to the police that she had taken Vicodin and smoked marijuana before driving

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Sense and Sensibility

June 20th 2007 00:59
Lindsay Lohan
Sensible? That doesn't sound like Lindsay
In a rare moment of lucidity, Lindsay Lohan has shown a little common sense and cancelled her 21st Birthday Party at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas.

The party, which was originally being sponsored by Svedka Vodka who have since pulled out, was expected to earn the hard partying star around a million dollars

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James Packer & erica Baxter in France for their wedding
God he looks like his Dad. It's a good thing he's worth $5B......or he'd never get laid!!!
Tomorrow Jamie Packer will marry fiance' Erica Baxter at the French Riviera. The wedding will be a lavish affair with the bill expected to be in excess of $6M. Gee, Jamie and Jodhi's wedding in 2001 supposedly cost $10M. You sure you want to marry him when he's gone all cheap on you Erica??

Packer has not one, or two, but 3 wedding planners to make sure the day goes off without a hitch. The happy couple have also booked out the entire Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat and the Hotel du Cap-Eden for the wedding guests. As James Packer is a Scientologist and one of Scientology's largest benefactors, the guestlist is expected to include a number of Scientology celebrities, including Tom Cruise and wife, Katie Holmes, as well as John Travolta

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Most Powerful Celebrities

June 18th 2007 01:31
Forbes has released it's annual list of the 100 Most Powerful Celebrities.

Oprah Winfrey most powerful celebrity
All hail Oprah Winfrey
Coming in at number 1, in the money making and power stakes was Oprah Winfrey, followed by golfer Tiger Woods, though poor old Tiger was only ranked 4th in the money rankings. $100M in 2007. Looks like he'll be tightening the purse strings a little, the poor fellow

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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt at A Mighty Heart Premiere
Brad & Ange at the A Mighty Heart Premiere
Angelina Jolie has been accused of being a hypocrite during media interviews promoting her new movie A Mighty Heart. A movie about the importance of freedom of the press. In the movie, Angelina plays Marianne Pearl, the widow of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl.

The New York premiere was held to support the organisation Reporters Without Borders, which defends persecuted journalists, works to improve the safety of journalists and fights censorship and laws that undermine press freedom

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The Federline Dynasty

June 14th 2007 00:51
Kevin Federline
Wanna have kids with me??
Star Magazine is reporting that Kevin Federline's ex-girlfriend (and mother to 2 of his children) is pregnant with her 5th child. Star is claiming that the father is none other than K-Fed himself.

Kevin Federline has come out and denied that he's the father of the child
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It's Raining Number 1's

June 13th 2007 03:26
It's kind of weird when you hear about a female singer who seems to make the news for......well........her musical ability. But that seems to be what Rihanna is doing. No pics of her without underwear, or boozing. Just news of her musical accomplishments.

If only Britney Spears would try that

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Blackberry Curve Launch Party

June 12th 2007 00:39
Nicky Hilton and Paris Hilton at Blackberry Curve Launch party
Nicky and Paris Hilton
On May 31st the launch party for the new Blackberry Curve, the smallest and lightest Blackberry smartphone.

The launch party was a star studded affair with celebs such as Eva Longoria, Paris & Nicky Hilton, Michelle Rodriguez, Cisco Adler, Adrian Greiner, Mario Lopez, Angie Everheart , Ludacris, Kat McPhee, Michael Vartan, Kevin Connelly and Rumer Willis in attendance. Even Donald Sutherland turned up for the festivities, saying that the company who makes Blackberries are Candian, just like him

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Paris Hilton mugshot
Paris' mugshot
I would have posted about this on the weekend. But I moved into my new house 3 weeks ago and to be honest.......I can't find all the parts of my computer!! So instead I had to wait until today to give an update on Paris Hilton.

As you all know, Paris was released from prison last Thursday by the LA County Sheriff's Department due to her fragile mental health. She was however ordered to a attend a hearing on Friday after the prosecutor in her case filed a motion to Judge Michael Sauer that the Sheriff's Dept was in contempt of court for releasing Hilton

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Paris Hilton Out of Jail Already

June 8th 2007 02:07
Paris Hilton mugshot
She's back home
Yes folks, you heard right. Our favourite incarcerated heiress is no longer in prison!!

Early on Thursday morning, the LA County Sheriff's Department let Paris Hilton out of jail and sent her home to serve 40 days of House Detention. Paris's original sentence was for 45 days (or 23 if she behaved herself). Because she's serving her time at home, she's no longer entitled to the shorter sentence and has to complete the full 45 days (she's done 5 in jail). Hilton will have to wear an electronic bracelet on her ankle and is not permitted to leave the house. According to the spokesman for the Sheriff's Department, medical conditions played a part in their decision to release the heiress

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Is Nicole Richie Pregnant?

June 7th 2007 02:23
Nicole Richie
Is she pregnant?
Life& Style Magazine are reporting that Nicole Richie is pregnant!

According to Life & Style, Richie recently underwent a series of blood and urine screenings which confirm that she is indeed 'up the duff'. So far Nicole's reps haven't responded to the allegations, though she was photographed at a reproductive clinic on May 30

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Britney in a Bathing Suit

June 6th 2007 06:09
Last week Brit was holidaying in Mexico, getting some fun in the sun. But I have to ask you, if you knew that photographers were following your EVERY move, that they were taking photo's that would be sold to magazines around the world.....would you wear a g-string bathing suit?????? Most sane people probably wouldn't. Britney however, is mental and felt that this was the ideal bathing suit.

Britney Spears in a bathing suit
Looks okay from the front

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Dina Lohan - Mum of the Year!

June 5th 2007 01:54
Dina Lohan and Lindsay Lohan
Mummy Dearest.....
Wanna know why Lindsay Lohan is such a monumental f#ckup? Two words. Dina. Lohan. Yes, her mother.

The worlds sorriest excuse for a mother just keeps on getting better and better. It's not enough that she lives not just off of Lindsay's cash, but vicariously through Lindsay. What other mother do you see out partying at clubs with her alcoholic/drug addled....yet clearly underage daughter? I mean sure, Mrs Brady really wanted to hit up the raves with Jan and Marcia Brady, but she held herself back

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Paris Is In Jail

June 5th 2007 00:41
Paris Hiltons mugshot
Paris Hilton's Mugshot.....that's hot!
Yep folks, Paris Hilton's 23 day jail sentence for violating probation officially began last night.

At 10:30pm, Paris' lawyer picked her up from her parents house and drove her (along with her mum and sister) to the Men's Central jail in downtown LA, where Paris officially surrendered to the LA County Sheriff to begin her sentence. She was then driven to the jail in Lynwood where she will be spending the next 23 days of her life

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Lindsay Lohan Has No Friends

June 3rd 2007 23:45
You know, I almost feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan (there's something I never thought I'd say!).

Lindsay Lohan passed out after Memorial Day party
Did Samantha Ronson set up this photo op?
First, there's the story that Lindsay's good friend (and suspected lesbian lover) Samantha Ronson may not be quite the friend that Lindsay thinks she is. Celebrity Babylon are reporting that Ronson is actually making money off making sure that photographers get pictures of Lindsay out partying and wasted. Supposedly, the night after Lindsay's car accident when Lindsay was snapped passed out in a car, Lindsay thought she was going straight home, but Ronson deliberately stopped at a gas station to allow photographers to get pics of her (above). According to CB, Ronson has a deal with an agency and they paid her to stop the car and get the pics

[ Click here to read more ]

George Clooney Sexiest Man Alive Cover
George Clooney
No, he hasn't discovered that he has a new talent. Rather George Clooney has unearthed a talented new singer who looks to be set on the path to stardom.

Victoria Hart, an 18 yr old London waitress and part-time jazz singer was flown to Cannes by Clooney to sing at a charity event after a friend of a friend had recommended her. Hart wowed her star studded audience with her mix of jazz and swing singing style. As a result of her performance, record labels EMI and and Universal are battling it out to sign her up.
[ Click here to read more ]

Paula Abdul Is a Nutcase

June 1st 2007 00:38
PerezHilton have obtained a recording of Paula Abdul on a phone conference with some publicists. If it was a phone call with a normal person, it might have been just an ordinary conversation. But of course, Paula Abdul isn't normal. Nutty, mental, batshit, crazy, unhinged, out of her mind and delusional could all be used to describe Paula....but not normal.

Throughout most of the conversation, Paula is crying about the way she gets treated. She's never seen anybody treated so badly as she has been. Her publicist is digusting and wouldn't accompany her to the Jimmy Kimmel show. She has Addison's disease now (in addition to her broken nose that she obtained when she supposedly tripped over her dog.....which turned out to be a lie.....she'd ended up with a scratch across her nose when she threw a glass against a wall and it shattered

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